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Captain Obvious Runs for President is the obvious choice for hotels. That's why their spokesman is Captain Obvious. But in 2016, needed to find a way to keep their brand, and their spokesman, relevant to their audience. To do that, we helped Captain Obvious run for president, with his feet.

The campaign ran on TV, and also included 51 online videos (one for each state in the US), a campaign website, a range of supporter merchandise, live appearances, Runkeeper integration, and interactive film, and much more.

Bronze, Media, Cannes, 2016
Best In Show, Creative Media Awards, 2017
Nominee, Integrated Campaign, Webbys, 2017
Winner, Best Branded Entertainment, Creative Media Awards, 2017
Winner, Best Online Media Branding, Creative Media Awards, 2017
Finalist, Best Content Marketing, Mashies, 2016

Here are the TV spots: