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Young Lions


We were lucky enough to win the 2012 Cannes Young Lions competition, representing Singapore in the Print category. Nuno also previously won the Cannes Young Lions in 2009, when he represented Portugal. 

In July 2012, our brief was to convince delegates attending an upcoming United Nations arms control meeting to increase the regulation of the international arms trade. After a lot of work and not much sleep, we were named the winners of the competition out of a field of 45 countries. Plus we got some shiny medals up on stage.

Gold medal winner in the 2012 Cannes Young Lions - Print

This ad won us the Singapore Young Creatives competition, giving us the opportunity to represent Singapore at the Cannes Young Lions. Our brief was to raise awareness of Mercy Relief, a charity that focused on long-term aid and recovery for areas affected by natural disasters.

Winner of the 2012 Singapore Young Creatives Print Competition

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Nuno and his former copywriter created this ad to win the 2009 Cannes Young Lions competition, when he was representing his home country of Portugal.

Gold medal winner in the 2009 Cannes Young Lions - Print